If you really want to hear a sales pitch ….. This is the sales pitch.

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Agon Creative gets it! 

We're able to produce great content with commercial value for much less budget, time and hassle than the bigger guys. 

We do it by 86'ing the frivolous frills, overdone overhead & wasteful wastes that your production doesn't need in order to make amazing content while streamlining all the money possible into the creative.

Through years of producing in the trenches of indie film to national-broadcast productions we truly understand how to put as much on screen as possible, affording the time and effort to really get the big ideas and colorful nuances of story.

All without killing your budget. 



(Frequently Asked Question)

Q: How are we this good?

A: Because ….

No brick & mortar facilities = Less overhead
• It's 2019, we're on the cutting edge of going green and all up in the cloud now. If we need meeting or work space, we get it per project. 

Custom fit
• We cater our staff and crew to your needs as opposed to forcing the needs of a large shoot into every production.
• We custom build equipment packages through our vendor friends that is EXACTLY what you need. No more, no less, but some wiggle room if you need it.

Ground-Up Budgeting
• A term we just made up, but is a good way to describe how instead of bidding/budgeting using a template, we start from scratch for every project to make 100% sure it's perfect for your project.

Efficiency is our middle name
• Agon Efficiency Creative, LLC doesn't have a great ring to it, so we left it out, but we never leave out any efficiencies to utilize every dollar to get the most out of the project. 

Still get what you need and expect
• We still will make sure you and most importantly, your clients' expectations are met ....
• All without sacrificing quality or safety.